2015: Formation in Holiness – Virtue, Growth & the Spiritual Life

The 2015 conference was held in Durham from 7th-10th September 2015 and was a very successful, inspiring and energising gathering.   Many thanks to all our speakers, plenary and parallel, for such a careful and generous exploration of our theme from their expertise.  For those who missed it, watch out for the March edition of Blackfriars which will host some of these papers and for those who just can’t wait, here is the Conference Report 2015.  Thanks to Theo Hawksley for writing this up!

Conference 2016 will be “Sensus Fidei: Listening to the Echo”, at The Hayes, nr Alfreton, 5-8th September.   Early booking will be crucial for this conference, so keep an eye on this page for details!

The CTA is always ready to welcome new members who are actively involved in some way in the promotion of theology through their teaching.