2005: De Doctrina Christiana – Hearing and Speaking the Word

The theme of the 2005 conference was De Doctrina Christiana – Hearing and Speaking the Word. It was held from 31st August to 3rd September 2005.

Speakers included
  • Eamonn Conway, Head of Theology, University of Limerick, on ‘Speaking a Constant Word in a Changing World’
  • Carol Harrison, Lecturer in the History and Theology of the Latin West, University of Durham, on ‘St Augustine: On Christian Teaching’
  • Enda McDonagh, Emeritus Professor, Maynooth, on ‘Hearing the Word in Our Culture’
  • Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, on ‘The Teaching Office of the Bishops’
  • Henri Gagey, Dean of Theology, Institut Catholique, Paris, ‘The Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian’
  • Clare Watkins, Vice-Principal, Margaret Beaufort Institute, Cambridge, ‘Tradition – the Ordinary Handling of Holy Things’
  • Geoffrey Turner, Trinity & All Saints College, Leeds, on ‘Singing the Word: the Cantatas of J S Bach’

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